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Held at the Casino in 2021

"The quality and diversity of Natural Mineral Waters and their importance to good Health"

"The quality and diversity of Natural Mineral Waters and their importance to good Health"

The exhibition can be visited until the end of the year at Casino do Luso. The Luso Foundation aims to raise public awareness to the diversity and quality of Natural Mineral Waters, which are characterized by their original purity.

Nuno Pinto de Magalhães, president of Fundação Luso, says that "this Exhibition is part of the foundation’s cultural initiatives and it aims to raise public awareness to the poorly known characteristics of Natural Mineral Waters, among which is Água de Luso, providing consumers and visitors with essential knowledge to distinguish natural mineral waters from waters intended for human consumption."

Total visitors: 2 300 visitors, 7% of which were foreigners


Previous Exhibitions


"The Importance of Water in Tea"

This exhibition, organized and promoted by Fundação Luso, in collaboration and with the support of Museu do Oriente, Prof. Dr. Luís Carvalho, Director of the Botanical Museum of Beja and Sebastian Filgueiras, Tea Sommelier of Companhia Portugueza do Chá, aims to show the Origin of Tea (Tea Culture in S. Miguel – Azores), the types of tea, infusions and tisanes, health benefits, the importance of mineral water in tea and, finally, the utensils and rituals. The Portuguese played a very important role in its introduction and promotion in Europe.

Total visitors: 2 180, 8% of which were foreigners

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"Culture and Traditions of the Mealhada Municipality"

In partnership with the parish councils of the Municipality of Mealhada, the Luso Foundation inaugurated this exhibition with the aim of raising awareness to the region’s richness and diversity, history, cultural heritage and gastronomy, presenting the specificities of each parish in a simple way.

Divided into four distinct and complementary areas - History, Culture, Gastronomy and Nature - it displays photographs and other artistic objects that make you want to visit, learn more about these places and live unique experiences in the region, many of which have yet to be explored.

Total visitors: 5 023, 20% of which were foreigners

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Sacred Art Exhibition of pieces from Convento de Santa Cruz do Bussaco

In partnership with Fundação Mata do Bussaco and Direção Regional de Cultura do Centro, Fundação Luso inaugurated an exhibition at the Luso Casino of sacred art pieces from Convento of Santa Cruz do Bussaco, linked to the hermit practice of Barefoot Carmelites and the reforming action of Santa Teresa de Ávila.

On display were sacred art pieces belonging to the convent’s collection, consisting of various oil paintings on canvas, wood and cork, polychrome sculptures on wooden support, reliquary busts, groups of sculptures in ceramic support and ecclesiastic garments from the 17th to the 19th century.

Starting this year, visits to the Exhibitions at the Casino are charged 1 Euro. Children up to 12 can visit exhibitions for free. The proceeds obtained from the tickets paid at the Casino are used to finance the recovery of sculptures of the high altar of Convento de Santa Cruz do Bussaco.

Total visitors: 5 068, 10% of which were foreigners

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"The Four Seasons in Bussaco – the Fauna and Flora"

Organized in partnership with Fundação Mata do Bussaco, on display at the exhibition are the best photographs taken by 120 amateur photographers in Mata Nacional do Bussaco, resulting from a competition that took place during 12 months, the aim of which was to raise awareness to the ecosystem of Mata do Bussaco.

Over 1 million people visited this exhibition, which was made possible thanks to the Luso Foundation, Transportes Pascoal, Casino de Tróia, Mealhada Municipality and employees from Fundação Mata do Bussaco. After being shown at Tróia Casino, the exhibition moved to Estoril Casino, where it was equally successful.

Total visitors: 56 059, 20% of which were foreigners

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"The influence of Barefoot Carmelites in the construction of Mata do Bussaco"

The main objective of this exhibition was to show the public the influence which Barefoot Carmelites had on the plantation and building of Mata do Bussaco as well as the unique contribution to the creation of a unique patrimonial heritage which we can all still enjoy today.

Another feature displayed in this exhibition is the connection to water, showing that good management of this natural resource enabled to build the seven monumental fountains in Mata Nacional do Bussaco for consumption and agricultural purposes.

Total visitors: 50 000 visitors, 15% of which foreigners

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"205 years of the Battle of Bussaco"

In partnership with the Mealhada Town Hall and the Ministry of National Defense / Portuguese Army, through the Directorate of History and Military Culture, the Luso Foundation joined the celebrations of the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Bussaco, lending the casino’s facilities to host the exhibitions "Portugal on the eve of the French Invasions, geographical knowledge and configurations" and "Evolution of Portuguese Military Uniforms", the latter by the ceramist and painter Carlos Gonçalves.

Total visitors: 33 850, 12% of which were foreigners


“Forest Ecosystem of Serra do Bussaco and the Water Resource of Água Mineral de Luso”

This exhibition, held in partnership with Quercus, showed the ecosystem of the region Luso - Bussaco, with all its uniqueness, both in terms of flora and fauna.

The Luso Foundation was present at the country’s largest sustainability festival, GreenFest 2014, which took place from October 9 to 12 at Centro de Congressos do Estoril.

Between December 2014 and the end of February 2015, the exhibition was shown at Cine Teatro Messias in Mealhada.

Total visitors: 42 073, 15% of which were foreigners 

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Thermal Baths in Portugal 2013

An initiative hosted by the Luso Foundation with the support of Associação das Termas de Portugal (ATP) to raise awareness to the Health and Wellness benefits of thermal water treatments.

Organized in different modules: A Healthy Discovery, A Source of Leisure and Wellness, What is Natural Mineral Water? What are Thermal Waters? What is a Spa Treatment? How can I follow a Thermal Treatment program? Medical Supervision, What are Thermal Wellness Services? Nature, Leisure and Entertainment, Culture and Heritage and, finally, the Portuguese Thermal Baths Map and Therapeutic Indications.

Total visitors: 36 000, 12% of which were foreigners


160 years of Sociedade da Água de Luso

At the initiative of Dr. António Augusto da Costa Simões, Dr. Francisco António Diniz and Dr. Alexandre Assis Leão, “Sociedade para o Melhoramento dos Banhos de Luso” is founded on August 25, 1852.

Present on World Water Day were representatives of the local community, employees of Sociedade Água de Luso and several brand Stakeholders. The celebrations included an exhibition at the Casino, "160 years old" mention launched that day and displayed during 2012 in all the brands’ communication materials and a tribute to Maria de Lurdes Nunes Rocha who in 1936, at the age of 9, modeled for the sculptor João da Silva, author of the unmistakable Água de Luso logo.

On March 21 and 22, Tree Day and World Water Day, Fundação Luso also promoted the planting of 160 holly trees in the municipal parks of Mealhada and Pampilhosa and in Mata do Bussaco, with the help of primary and secondary local school students.

Total visitors: 40 500, 10% of which were foreigners

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"Luso, Extremely Pure Water"

Fundação Luso hosted the exhibition "Luso, Água Puríssima" by Charles Lepierre (1867 - 1945), a noted French chemist, who developed most of his scientific and professional activity working for Portugal.

This exhibition, held at the Casino, showed the work and life of this French chemist who carried out the 1st bacteriological analysis of Água Termal de Luso, classifying it in 1903 as "Very Pure or Extremely Pure.

The quality of Luso Water, with a "light and very pleasant flavor" as described by Charles Lepierre, is widespread recognized both on a national and international level.

This Exhibition also aimed to promote the bottled water category in Portugal.

Total visitors: 38 900, 9% of which were foreigners