Luso Foundation

Luso Foundation is the first foundation in Portugal that associates a company’s skills with the interests of the region where the resources required for its business activity are found.

Its mission is to contribute to a broader knowledge and widespread information about water and human health, the preservation of Luso’s water and natural heritage, as well as the sustainable development of this region’s Community.

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Natural Mineral Water Água de Luso

Água de Luso is a natural mineral water with its spring in Serra do Bussaco.

Rainwater infiltrates into the rocks and this is where a long underground journey takes place, for an estimated period of about one thousand years and at hundred meters deep, being protected and preserved until it is captured for bottling at Luso. It represents history, tradition, quality, purity, innovation, modernity sustainability and Portugality.



The Exhibition "The Quality and Diversity of Natural Mineral Waters and their importance to good Health" aims to show the importance of drinking natural mineral water or spring water as opposed to water intended for human consumption/tap water.

Captured deeply underground and hence protected from external aggressions, Natural Mineral Waters are characterized by their original purity. They have a stable and permanent chemical composition and bacteriological purity. Not requiring any type of treatment or disinfection, they can be drunk in their original state. They generally have excellent organoleptic characteristics.

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