Protect and value the origin of water

Water is part of our natural and cultural heritage. As responsible users of this natural mineral resource, the Luso Foundation and Água de Luso are strongly committed to contributing to the preservation of the aquifer and protection of the ecosystem of Serra do Bussaco, origin of Luso Natural Mineral Water.

Environmental Awareness Actions

Thinking of today and tomorrow’s generations, the Luso Foundation actively ensures sustainability of the Luso water aquifer, for this purpose organizing guided tours to the Água de Luso bottling plant, conferences on natural mineral waters and tree and shrub planting in Serra do Bussaco, more specifically in the perimeter of protection of the Luso aquifer.

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Protocol - Luso Foundation and Quercus

To preserve Luso's water and natural heritage, the Luso Foundation and Quercus have established a pioneering and innovative partnership, with various nature and biodiversity support and conservation initiatives.

Through this partnership, these entities agreed to develop various actions to value the ecosystem services in Serra do Bussaco, namely through the implementation of forestry measures and densification in the perimeter of protection of the Luso aquifer.


Objectives achieved:

  • Planting of 30 000 native trees and shrubs in Serra do Bussaco.
  • Cleaning of invasive species in Serra do Bussaco (mimosa shrubs).
  • Forest cleaning and maintenance.
  • Environmental Seal.
  • Exhibition "Serra do Bussaco Forest Ecosystem and The Water Resource of Luso Natural Mineral Water" held at the Casino.

The Luso Foundation was awarded the environmental seal "Bussaco Re-forestry" created by Quercus to mark the partnership established between the two entities, which involved the planting and maintenance of about 30 000 native trees and shrubs between 2014 and 2016.

The seal is representative of the conservation of the ecosystem of Serra do Bussaco and the water and natural heritage of Luso, the source of Água de Luso. It also contributes to raising civil society’s awareness to the protection of the environment, as well as promote biodiversity conservation initiatives.


Partnership with the Mata do Bussaco Foundation

The Mata do Bussaco Foundation aims to manage, protect, maintain, develop and promote Serra do Bussaco, the source of Água de Luso. Several ecosystem preservation initiatives are in place in partnership with the Luso Foundation, namely:

  • Project Forest Garden – walkway on top of Serra do Bussaco’s forest trees and a 25-metre high tree sighting spot.
  • Water Trail - installation of signage indicating existing trails in Serra Nacional do Bussaco and guided tours carried out by staff from Sociedade Água de Luso
  • Planting of native trees and shrubs in Serra do Bussaco
  • Plant and herb nurseries
  • Leisure equipment, such as chairs and garden benches, made from recycled material
  • Volunteer actions with Sociedade Água de Luso’s employees and local stakeholders for the reforestation of Serra do Bussaco.

Tribute to the Luso Foundation

In 2020, Mata do Bussaco Foundation paid a  tribute to Luso Foundation which was  received on behalf of its President, Nuno Pinto de Magalhães, for its significant and indispensable role in the implementation of the projects which Mata do Bussaco Foundation has been able to develop since its creation.

In addition to the Luso Foundation, three other relevant and important partners were present:

The Mayor of Mealhada, Director of Grande Hotel de Luso and Manager of the Estoril and Lisbon Casino.

To mark this tribute in a unique and memorable way, Nuno Pinto de Magalhaes planted a Ginkgo biloba tree, a symbol of peace and longevity as it survived the atomic explosions in Japan.


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